Arkansas Share Groups
Little Rock Share Group Elaine & Steve Lienhart

The group encompasses Pulaski County as well as surrounding areas.

Contact Little Rock Share Group Email Phone: 501-312-1119

Little Flower Share Group Marvin & Donna McCall

The Little Flower Share Group meets Sunday's.  This group encompasses Conway County and surrounding areas.

Contact Little Flower Share Group Email Phone: 501-354-9786

Northwest Arkansas Share Group Travis & Jamie McAfee

The Northwest Arkansas Share Group meets at St. Raphael Catholic Church.  This circle encompasses Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, and surrounding areas.

Contact Northwest Arkansas Share Group Email Phone: 479-263-1310

River Valley Share Group Diane & Bill Willis

The River Valley Share Group meets Sunday's.  This group encompasses Fort Smith, Van Buren, Cedarville, Greenwood, Charleston, Lavaca, and surrounding towns.

Contact River Valley Share Group Email Phone: (479) 414-3459