Discover - WWME in other faith expressions

Although Worldwide Marriage Encounter began as a Roman Catholic experience, it has always provided openings for couples of other faiths.  Our Catholic weekends show couples the good news of our Sacramental perspective of marriage.  Many of these couples have seen the potential the Weekend offers for church renewal for their own denominations.

In 1971, interfaith expansion of the weekend began.  Worldwide Marriage Encounter provided the initial financial support and guidance needed for these other faith expressions to flourish and continue today.  These other faith expressions, along with the Roman Catholic expression, make up an Interfaith Board, which meets twice a year.  These other faith expressions are:  Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Brethren/Mennonite, Reformed Church in America, United Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ, Wesleyan and Orthodox.

Affiliation with Worldwide requires a commitment of fidelity to the Worldwide Outline (except for necessary theological changes), having all team members on a given Weekend be of the same faith denomination and supporting the daily dialogue technique as a practice and value.

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