Discover - What couples say

"Until our weekend we always knew we had good communication and relationship. Little did we know we let that stand in the way of great communication and relationship. The weekend deepened our understanding of each other and God's plan for us in our 39 years of marriage. We are God's sacrament and share in his feast of Cana."

"Our weekend put hope back into our relationship!"

"After our weekend we give each other a DATE every day - Dialogue, Affection, Time and Energy"

"We fell in love all over again. Since our weekend, our lives have taken on new meaning."

"After 7 years of marriage we were thought of as a successful couple in every way. We knew differently, but didn't even admit it to each other. Our facade was pretty effective....... that weekend defies description. It's nearly 10 years ago, but we can still remember driving away with a sense of joy and wonder at what had happened."

"Marriage Encounter gave Shirley and I the opportunity to occasion the deepest, most intimate exchange of feelings we had known in 20 years. proved to be one of the highlights of my life. I just wish that everyone who trusts my opinion would now accept this advice: attend a Marriage Encounter weekend at the earliest opportunity."  James C Dobson, PhD Director, Focus on the Family

"We had a good marriage. There was nothing Tom wouldn't do for me. But I wanted more than that, and I got it. Marriage Encounter has given us a closeness we've never known before. "

“When some friends suggested that Sheila and I make a Marriage Encounter, we were shocked and more than a little hurt. We were very happily married, and frankly, it surprised us that they thought we needed ‘marriage counseling.’ When we finally told them how we felt, they laughed and said that they had suggested the Encounter because we were a happily married couple. Now I'm glad they did. We got an awful lot out of it precisely because we brought a lot to it”

“Before Marriage Encounter, all Jim and I talked about were the kids, his job, the house, money. Now we talk about us”