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Praying as a Couple

Seven Steps to Being Comfortable Praying as a Couple:

Day 1. Pray individually - silently - for 1 minute sitting side by side.

Day 2. Pray the Our Father or Hail Mary together holding hands sitting side by side.

Day 3: One person pray the Our Father and the other pray the Hail Mary sitting side by side.

Day 4: Each person prays aloud briefly, side by side, asking God for help for friends and family.

Day 5: Each person prays aloud briefly, side by side, asking God for help in your marriage.

Day 6: Each person prays a prayer of praise to God.

Day 7: Holding each other in your arms, pray quietly aloud thanking God for the gift of your spouse, and asking Him for something special for your spouse.

The intimacy you gain from these steps will bring with it a desire to pray together for the rest of your life.

Being A Sign to our Family and the World

sac-ra-ment /'sakrement/ Noun: An outward and visible sign of God's grace.

There are many ways we can be a sign of God's love in the world. 

Be aware of how we talk to each other in the presence of others.  How people view marriage depends on how we treat one another.

Treat our children with God's love.  Work on parenting together - making decisions together.

Hold hands and be close in public.  Let people see that marriage is joy filled.

Help the elderly together - maybe give an elderly person a ride to Church on Sundays.

Teach religious education class as a couple - give the students an example of a strong marriage.

Present a marriage enrichment talk to other married couples in our parish.

Serve on a Church Committee together - showing the strength of a married couple working together.

Stay together as a couple at family gatherings.

Coach our children's sports teams as a couple.